A collaboration with Khadja Tits for Horizontal Drawing, a project of the researcher group St Lucas Antwerp. Click on the link to visit the website.

We (third bachelor students of Sint-Lucas Antwerp, KASK & CONSERVATORIUM School of Arts Gent and LUCA School of Arts) got the opportunity to design posters for the Gent Art Book Fair of 2018.

This app is the result of a school project I started working on in my third Bachelor. It's an app that analyses dreams. Factors like dream frequency, dream subject, whether you were under influence... are represented in multiple charts. This way you can discover personal dreaming patterns you didn't notice before. The app is designed in Adobe XD, programmed in Java Script using React Native. It will be compatible for both IOS and Android.

Reverie, the dream diary app I made during my thrid bachelor, has an option to not only write down but also draw your dreams. I've been drawing them every morning since 13 March 2018. I hope to make a big side project out of this and collect a year worth of drawings.

This is a project I made together with Khadja Tits, A fellow student Graphic Design. We made a corporate identity for our movement called RRRATS. We are critical about the way people move too fast in this world, especially the ones on their way to work in the morning. The backbone of this project is the well known song "Opzij, opzij, opzij" of Herman Van Veen.

The fake news website I made with Khadja tits, a fellow student, goes back to the idea of 'mountweazel'. The early encyclopaedias used to put fake words between the real definitions so that the competition wouldn't just blindly copy other encyclopaedias. We made a 'fake news dictonary' which shows a fake word, a fake definition and a fake image.
To enter the website, click here

In my second bachelor we had to remake a Metropolis M magazine from scratch.

Some experiments with Adobe Illustrator

From time to time Adobe Photoshop doesn't work the way it should and generates random images instead when you move the layers around. These are some accidental graphics.

I made this project together with Tamara Van Loock in our second bachelor. We each made four posters to communicate with eachother.

This is a banner for the stockroom of Kaeser Kompressoren in Belgium. They are one of the biggest providers of compressed air in Europe. The graphics, made in the company's colors, represent an istallation under pressure.